In her own little world

this was all she had to say

1 - The beginning ..
So once again I start a new journal. Why? Because Im sick of hiding things. This will be more open. And a whole lot bitchier. Just the way I am.

This journal will have everything in it
ups and downs
life doings
my friends
and of course, loads of bullshit.

Its about my life. and everything that happens in it.
I never said I was good at grammer or spelling. I'm not bad so don't bitch at me.
I never promised it would be full of exciting things you just can't wait to read because hey, I'm not a soap opera. Although sometimes I think my life could be.
I swear, I'm emotional and I don't hold back.
I don't have to friend anyone I don't have to and NO you cannot see any part of my body.

So hello new journal. Welcome to life.

This journal will be friends only.


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